Black Seed Herbal Hair Oil

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Packing : 100ml

Greenish Roots


  • Prevents hair fall
  • Removes dandruff
  • Hair growth
  • Keeps natural softness
  • Its cooling effect promotes deep and sound sleep
  • Gives rich & soft texture to hair
  • Non – sticky properties

Our ‘Roots hair oil’ – is a superior blend of Arabian and Indian traditional medical wisdom. It is specially formulated to combat the problem of hair-loss, irrespective of its underlying reason[s]. It literally addresses the problem from its roots!

Continuous application of ‘Roots’ oil for a period of 12-16 weeks will result in increased hair follicular count and strong, bouncy hair. Premature greying will also be brought under control. This is a difference you can see visibly. Use, see and believe 😀

What is ‘Roots’ made of?

Nigella Sativa – the wonder herb that is regarded as a panacea for all illnesses in the Arabian world, is the chief ingredient of our hair-oil. This Nigella oil, which is nothing less than the divine elixir, is made more potent by the addition of traditional Indian herbs that include hibiscus, amla, brahmi, fenugreek and henna.

This powerful blend of herbs ensures that your hair strands get nourished from the root to the tip, resulting in dense and abundant hair-growth. It cures all scalp infections, and improves blood circulation by acting as a vaso-dilator.

Directions for use:

         Apply 10 to 12ml of ‘Roots’ hair oil on clean scalp at night, leave on overnight, and rinse in the morning if desired.Alternatively, apply ‘Roots’ after bath in the morning and rinse off when required.

For cases of severe hair-loss, apply twice daily.