Quality Assurance


First Pressed & Cold Pressed


“First Cold Pressed” simply refers to the process by which the oil is extracted from the Black Seed to create oil.

“First Pressed”– means the black seeds were crushed and pressed once…makes sense right? black seeds pressed more than once are considered lower quality, and do not qualify as extra virgin.”

“Cold Pressed” – means that no added heat is used when pressing the seeds for the oil. The black seeds never exceed 80.6 degrees Fahrenheit during the process. Keeping the black seeds cooler ensures maximum quality oil… extra virgin.

Extra virgin black seed oil on the other hand is pressed only once (first pressed) using no heat or solvents (cold pressed) by strictly mechanical means. It carries a higher price tag than other oils you see on the shelf but for good reason. Extra virgin black seed oil contains the most nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins of any other classification of oil.


We have implemented a well-structured quality control & management mechanism that is in line with the criteria required by international quality standards like ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, GMP, and Halal.

Our processing system includes the use of a highly technologically patented technique. In the course of extracting oil from black seeds, we show avid focus not to lose any of its vital nutrients or its beneficial effects, and strictly follow cold press methods maintained. This diligently handled as it paves way for us to obtain the purest form of black seeds with all its natural nutrients held intact.

We invest our best efforts to deliver virgin black seed oil in each of our package and maintain the same quality standard all through. Our panel of quality assurance experts meticulously assess each and every batch of our produces to assure and reassure highest standards in quality and maintain our benchmark in our supplies.


Not all Black Seed products are the same. There are big differences between different brands.

Buy a high quality product, ask the Experts.

The medical and cosmetic efficiency of a plant depends on its type and place of origin. Cultivation conditions, soil quality and the intensity of sunlight also have a great influence on the quality component of the Black Seeds.

At Greenish India ,We procure first-grade quality of raw black seeds in order to obtain the purest form of black seed oil.

Our laboratory has tested for microbial, heavy metals and material functional component for those processing materials. Finished products are tested to ensure the quality and safety as required by GMP.

Our Quality Control Certificates

GMP Certificate

Production facilities certified GMP compliant for quality assurance

ISO Certificate

Production facilities certified according to international ISO 22000 – 2008 Standard

HACCP Certificate

Production facilities certified according to international HACCP Standard for Food Safety

Halal India Certificate

Production facilities certified according to international HALAL Standard

Global Vegetarian Certificate

Production facilities certified according to international Global Vegetarian Standard