About Us

Greenish India is a pioneer in producing 100% natural Black Seed Oil. We hold 25 years of unsurpassed industry experience in extracting organic, chemical-Greenish India was founded by Dr.Asraf Ali holds his M.D in Alternative Herbal Medicine back in 1995. He has always been stressing on the use of naturally available products and organic lifestyle to reassure well being of us, humans. He is a thought leader and holds awe-inspiring wisdom and exposure in the niche and exhibits peerless dedication towards his profession. This incredible expertise has laid the foundation to Greenish India and has attributed to the company’s remarkable, constant growth in the world of Black Seed herbal products. He shows dynamic powers and extreme knack of extracting black cumin seed oil which is used as the base product for his complete range of herbal produces.

Our sole motto is to retrieve the natural immunity and resistance powers of mankind organically with the help of Black Seed base herbal products

Black Seeds – we call it nature’s treasure for it delivers a myriad of health benefits that enhances immunity, kills viruses, prevents cellular damage, boosts blood flow and contributes to the body’s overall wellness organically. In today’s fast-paced world where people are busy and tensed and easily susceptible to illness or infection, herbal renaissance is substantially soaring and the need for natural medicines is on the rise. Greenish strives to meet the need with 100% virgin products obtained from Black Seeds in the most natural processes.

Our products are exported to global nations in the name ‘Greenish. We are now undeniably one of the sought-after brands in the global market.

We export premium Black Seed Oil to global nationsto contribute to the good health of mankind by boosting overall immunity, enhancing blood flow and by preventing the body from cellular damage and other possible diseases. Black seed oil is in fact a prophetic medicine that is predominantly used in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicines in India.